Developed by SAI Platform, the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is a self-assessment questionnaire that covers all pillars of sustainability (environmental, social and business) and is applicable to all agricultural crops, in all locations, regardless of farm size. In this way, the FSA provides farmers with the possibility to demonstrate their sustainability performance against an internationally accepted framework.

The FSA supports the use of all credible standards and schemes. The FSA has benchmarked almost 100 on-farm sustainability schemes and given them an equivalency level which saves farmers time and money on multiple sustainability audits.

What is the role of Ecocert?

As FSA-approved Verification Body, Ecocert performs audits to assess if an individual farm or a group of farmers have implemented the FSA correctly, and if the self-assessment results at farm level are in line with our findings. On this basis, Ecocert can issue an FSA Letter of Attestation that enables making an FSA Performance Claims.

What is is the SAI platform?

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) is the global food and drink industry platform for developing sustainable agriculture solutions through member-driven pre-competitive collaboration. SAI Platform works with its members and external stakeholders to catalyze change and establish sustainable agriculture as a pre-requisite for doing business throughout the food and drink industry supply chain.

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