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    Meet the Ecocert teams at Natexpo 2022
    Ecocert is once again a partner of the international organic products exhibition! Meet us on stand J48 at Eurexpo Lyon from 18 to 20 September 2022.
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    🔎 ZOOM ON // ROC™, the regenerative organic certification
    Organic farming practices have historically focused on not using banned substances such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, regenerative organic certification goes even further: discover ROC™
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    🔎 ZOOM ON // GRS, the label for recycled materials
    The recycling of textile materials is a solution to reduce the environmental impact of the production of fibers as well as our consumption of fossil energy: discover GRS (Global Recycled Standard)
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  • News • Homecare products
    🔎 ZOOM ON // Ecocert candles and home fragrances standard
    The labeling Candles and home fragrances of natural and organic origin is an Ecocert standard implemented since February 1st, 2019.
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  • Event • Agri-food • Fair Trade • Organic farming • Sustainable agriculture
    Ecocert is once again a partner of the Sustainable Foods Summit!
    The Sustainable Foods Summit is a summit organized by Ecovia Intelligence and addresses key development issues in sustainability and ecolabels in the food industry.
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  • News • Biodiversity and climate change
    New IPCC report: CLIMATE Solutions - April 2022
    In this 3rd part of the Sixth Assessment Report, an in-depth assessment was made of how human behavior, choices and consumption can contribute to climate change mitigation. (IPCC)
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    ZOOM ON // PEFC, a label for sustainable forest management
    Today, March 21, 2022, is International Forest Day! Discover a ZOOM on PEFC, the label for sustainable forest management, in our #1month1label series
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  • News • Biodiversity and climate change
    🎙 PODCAST // How do the SDGs help companies to move towards sustainable models? - Laura Palmeiro
    This is the end of our #VoicesForChange podcast series!
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  • News • Biodiversity and climate change
    🔎 ZOOM ON // "Climate Neutral Certification", a certification for the contribution to carbon neutrality
    The Climate Neutral Group (CNG) is a way to promote companies that are committed to contributing to the carbon neutrality objective of the Paris Agreement.
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  • News • Organic farming
    🎙 PODCAST // What are the main challenges for organic and sustainable agriculture in Africa? - David Amudavi
    He explains with insight and hindsight the challenges of local, regional and inter-state disparity, the need for collaboration and training in order to understand how and why organic is one of the best solutions today for tomorrow.
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  • News • Agri-food • Organic farming • Sustainable agriculture
    🎙 PODCAST // What is the link between organic agriculture and empowerment of people and communities? - Usha Soolapani
    We are glad to present you the next episode of our “Voices For Change” podcast series: organic agriculture, women's empowerment, indian food system...
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    ZOOM ON // Canada Organic Regime (COR), Canadian Organic Agriculture
    The Canada Organic Regime (COR) is the federal regulatory program for Canadian organic products. 3615 operators certified by ECOCERT Canada in 2020.
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    The ECOCERT Group wishes you a happy new year 2022
    All Ecocert employees wish you a happy new year 2022!
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    🔎 ZOOM ON ...// China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019
    The China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019 enables your organic products to be commercialized as organic in mainland China and Hong Kong.
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    Discover the new Ecocert Group film !
    The result of a great team effort carried out since March 2020 with the Bordeaux agency ODDS and our teams, we are proud to present our new video.
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  • News • Agri-food • Cosmetics • Organic farming • Textiles
    🔎 ZOOM ON... // USDA NOP, organic certification in the United States
    The National Organic Program (NOP) is the federal organic regulation of the USDA (US Department of Agriculture).
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  • Event • Cosmetics
    Sustainable Cosmetics Summit
    Changing the face of the beauty industry by sustainable development
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  • News • fsa
    🔎 ZOOM ON... // FSA, a verification for driving continuous improvement of on-farm sustainability
    Discover FSA: a set of tools to improve agricultural practices for a move toward sustainability
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