As announced in our previous article following Brexit, the UK has been in a transition period and has continued to follow EU rules. The transition period will end on the 31st December 2020, and with no final confirmation of a Brexit deal or Free Trade Agreement (FTA), some uncertainty remains around organic trading and labelling arrangement after 2020. Ecocert will keep you informed. Find out the latest news : Recognition until 31st of December 2021

To ensure a smooth transition process, UK will recognise the EU as equivalent for the purpose of trade in organics until 31st of December 2021. This means that the UK will continue to recognise products from the EU, but also from all 13 EU approved third countries (Annex III) and from other third countries where certifiers are approved (Annex IV) under EC 1235/2008 scope. Agreements between 13 EU approved third countries and the UK are currently being negotiated by the UK government.

Main changes

Regarding exports to the UK:

From January 1st 2021, exports of organic products to all parts of the UK other than Northern Ireland (=England, Wales and Scotland), will require an interim paper-based Certificate of Inspection (CoI). An electronic system will be developed by UK authorities to replace this interim system. For exports to Northern Ireland, a COI will still be issued on the EU TRACES NT system.


To know more:

You can also find useful information on the websites DEFRA and our partner Soil Association Certification , regularly updated. You can also contact our experts at Ecocert!

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