Verified Carbon Standard

For over 20 years, Ecocert has built an International reputation for high quality organic and ISO 14001 Environmental Certification; we also hold PEFC Sustainably Managed Timber certification authority.

The Climate Change Division of Ecocert entered the fight against CO2 via its carbon footprint calculation and life cycle analysis verification. These skill sets have led us on to full scale GHG reduction programmes. Via the Verification of small scale voluntary reforestation programs with simplified methodologies (Reforestation and Solidarity Standard), Ecocert has chosen the Verified Carbon Standard with which to increase the complexity and scale of its Global CO2 reduction operations.

Clients will recognize the natural expansion of Ecocert’s traditional operations within the organic agricultural sector now being increased to include forestry and the certification of GHG reduction programmes. Additional scopes are being developed and will be launched in the near future.

> With our ISO 14065 accreditation development for VCS projects validation/verification, we work within the following sectors: Agriculture, Forestry & Land Use.

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