Training and supply chain assessment

Supply chain assessment service – assessment audits

In order to support the implementation of a fair trade and sustainable supply chain, Ecocert can provide a general assessment of the whole supply chain with regards to:

  • the buyer/supplier partnership
  • the operational practices established within the supply chain in terms of sustainable development

The assessment is based on a documentary review and/or onsite assessment audits. The audit is not about product compliance and certification but focused on the performance level of companies and business partners with the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) guidelines and Fair trade standards.   

Inter-company, internal or distance training solutions

In order to support the implementation of fair trade product certification projects or to provide a better understanding of the Fair trade concept and stakes, Ecocert can provide intercompany group training solutions. The training sessions are designed for food, cosmetic, textile, eco-product and craft professionals. We also provide internal or distance training solutions. Please contact us for an efficient training needs assessment.

Ecocert is an accredited training institute; staff training cost may qualify for training subsidies or grant.


Inter-company training events on the ESR standard

Main training topics:

  • Fair Trade : stakes, concepts, historical background, main standards, prospects
  • The Fair Trade market
  • Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Presentation of standard and requirements
  • Labelling and communication rules
  • Case study of a fair trade supply chain
  • Benefits of the « fair trade » certification

Please contact us for a more detailed training agenda

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