Raw materials validation


Ecocert Greenlife offers documentary verification of the raw materials' compliance to the Ecocert standards defining the:

  • Natural detergents made with organic ingredients

All natural raw materials and raw materials from natural origin, as defined in the above standards, may be submitted to Ecocert Greenlife for verification. This service does not apply to organic raw materials.

Common requirements of both standards regarding raw materials:

  • The reagents' origin.
  • The manufacturing processes used.
  • The types of production aids, solvents and additives (preservatives) involved in the manufacturing  process or added to the raw material.

Your approved raw materials receive an attestation of compliance and are also published on the Ecocert Greenlife database to which access is reserved to the companies undergoing certification or control processes. This will help to promote the compliance of your raw materials with the standards' requirements to your customers.

The documents are available on demand.


Raw material service contact: mpgreenlife@ecocert.com