Provider of natural raw materials

Ecocert Greenlife offers a documentary verification of the raw materials compliance with both the Ecocert and the COSMOS standards.

You will consequently be able to provide environmental guarantees to your customers. All raw materials of natural origin, as defined in the Ecocert and the COSMOS standards, may be submitted to Ecocert Greenlife for verification. This service does not apply to organic raw materials.

The compliance criteria for a raw material are set out in the Ecocert "ecological and organic cosmetics" standard or in the COSMOS standard (available at The specifications' requirements focus particularly on:

  • The reagents' origin.
  • The processing techniques used.
  • The types of production aids, solvents and additives (preservatives) involved in the manufacturing process or added to the finished product.

Your products receive an attestation of compliance to the standard Ecocert or COSMOS guaranteeing the use of agro-resources. They are also published on the Ecocert Greenlife database ( which access is reserved to the companies undertaking the cosmetic certification process, numbering more than 1,000 companies in 2010.

On-line raw material questionnaire:

In order to allow you to verify the conformity of your references to the above criterias, a new questionnaire has been set up on-line at this link:

Besides a better flexibility regarding the changes you would like to make to the questionnaires with the edition mode, this operating model allow a faster checking of your queries.  Indeed, the edition of the PDF-version of the questionnaire is automatized and you could forward it without delay to Ecocert.
Moreover, for a registration regarding the COSMOS standard of a commercial reference already Ecocert-approved, only the additional questions of the COSMOS standard will be displayed.


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