The approval of packaging is a main step in the process for the ECOCERT and COSMOS certification. Packaging must fullfill the requirements of each standard.

  • Who can suscribe to this checking ?

This checking is intended to manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetic packaging who want to offer compliant packaging. These companies can contact directly Ecocert for the checking of their products.

  • How is the checking done ?

The checking will be done through the study of a documentary file (questionnaire and technical drawing). There will be no on-site audit.

  • What purpose ?

After the verification of the packaging, an attestation of conformity listing all the complying references to the ECOCERT and COSMOS standards will be issued. This attestation will allow companies to promote easily the compliance of their packagings to the ECOCERT and COSMOS standards.

The cosmetic companies engaged in the certification with Ecocert will have access to the online list of manufacturers of approved packaging, and the attestation will significantly simplify their process.

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If you wish to apply for the certification of your products, please fill in our contact form, or call Barbara COTHEREAU at +33 (0)5 62 07 51 96. For any other requests, please call +33 (0)5 62 07 51 09