Our Positive Energy Headquarters

Ecocert conducts an environmental policy in accordance with its committments and has unveiled its new headquarters, a green and positive energy building unique in Europe, in 2013. 

Built using natural materials, ECOCERT positive energy building is one of Europe's highest and largest straw buildings, covering a total surface area of 2025 m2 over 4 floors and a 140-person capacity.

This compact building is composed of a wooden column-beam structure supporting solid wood floors on three levels above a semi buried concrete ground floor. A central core composed of earth-coated concrete (containing bathrooms, an elevator and stairs) stabilizes the whole building. The façades are made of timber cribs, insulated with straw bales like curtain walls. It achieves the highest energy efficiency with low environmental impact materials and the solar panels produce more energy than the building consumes, rendering the building energy-neutral.



William Vidal, President and co-founder of ECOCERT, highlights the outstanding character of this building: “We wanted this building to be innovative and provide comfort and well-being to our employees. We wanted to create an ecological workplace, integrated into the landscape, using local materials, implementing the traditional skills of local artisans and banning fossil fuels. The result exceeded our expectations.”

This pioneer building is ECOCERT's third in L'Isle Jourdain (South West of France, in Gers), on a plot covering 11,000 m2 that already hosts a first bioclimatic building built in 1998, and a second one built in 2004 (dome-type building). The site can accommodate 170 people.


leedE+ was recently awarded LEED Platinum Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The LEED rating system is the foremost certification program for buildings that are designed, constructed and operated for improved environmental performance. Only two other buildings have received this highest level of LEED certification in France.



LEED certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a green building certification program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. It awards best building strategies and practices worldwide.

LEED Platinum certification rewards ECOCERT POSITIVE ENERGY BUILDING as a showcase example of sustainable design. It values different aspects from the site of the building, efficiency in the use of energy and water, the building materials used and the management of the waste, the quality of inside air, innovation. The analysis made by LEED incorporates parameters to evaluate the whole life cycle of the building, from the design and construction, until its use.

Only 7% of the 8,700 LEED-certified projects in the world have reached the Platinum level certification.



Watch the videos of the construction :