Our missions

ADVISE & SUPPORT companies, associations, and governments in order to consolidate their environmental and sustainable development policies


  • Diagnosis of the economic, social and environmental impact of an agricultural sustainable project for a multinational food processing company.
  • Development of strategies for the protection of water resources: diagnosis of the impact of practices on the water resource, development of a strategy of change and of its perpetuation.
  • Promote a sector (agricultural or food processing sector) by identification of good practices implemented by the stakeholders and development of a communication program.


TRAIN technicians from industries, institutions and local authorities in order to implement changes in practices towards a more sustainable ecosystem management.

  • Organisation of seminars, training and evaluation for of the establishment of local and national policies about quality signs in agriculture and food processing industries.
  • Training of local authorities about ecological management of territories: biodiversity, waste reduction, eco-valorisation of territories.
  • Development of customised training programs on environmental or agricultural topics… for European authorities and universities.


COMMUNICATE & EDUCATE GENERAL PUBLIC to sustain changes in practices and encourage a responsible and sustainable economy.

  • Creation of standards to value good practices and establishment of a communication plan.
  • Accompanying of food processing industries for a responsible communication: diagnosis and recommendations.
  • Communication to consumers via the creation of the blog ECOCERT Expert Consulting


INNOVATE & INVEST in research, participate in the emergence of techniques and technologies of tomorrow, encourage a virtuous growth compatible with the regeneration of our ecosystems.

  • Geofairtrade : Acquisition and processing of geographic data for the development of sustainable development indicators for Fair Trade. 
  • Authentic Food : Development of analytical techniques allowing to distinguish organic foodstuff from conventional foodstuff.
  • EMMIA : Technological innovation and satellite imagery integrated to the quality control system of products.