Natural paints and coatings


Launched in November 2011, the Ecocert natural origin paints and coatings standard is the result of a partnership between experts of this sector, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

The objective was to define quality levels that are higher to the regulations in force by promoting the use of natural substances and ensuring the use of environmentally friendly processes on the whole production line.

Facing the proliferation of labels and other sometimes misleading or abusive claims, it offers real transparency for the consumer with the display of the composition and the raw materials origin.

This new standard is dedicated to companies (in France and abroad) that manufacture, distribute or use paints or coatings and that are willing to claim natural quality: small manufacturers, big groups, specialized stores, painters, craftsmen, etc.

The main principles of Ecocert standard

1. Protect our planet and its resources.

2. Protect and inform the consumer.

3. Guarantee the performance of labellised products.

Fields of application

  • The application field is vast. It includes all coatings intended to protect, dcorate or confer functional properties to surfaces, such as :
    - Paints, lacquers, lasures
    - Lacquer sealers, varnishes, hard oils, protective base coats, saturators
    - Waxes, oils, wood protection products
    - Undercoats and primers
    - Plasters, mortars, fillers
    - Adhesives and mastics, etc...
  • Products intended for the private individuals, for the professionals and for the communities.
  • Products intended for indoor and/or outdoor.
  • So-called "ready-to-use" products, dry products to dilute with water (for example powder plaster)

Services  proposed

  • For manufacturers and brand owners : control of your paints and coatings.
  • For raw materials suppliers : checking of your raw materials (see "Raw materials validation" tab).

The main technical criteria of the standard

  • A minimum of 95% of natural ingredients or ingredients from natural origin for the reference product
  • Very restrictive list of tolerated petrochemical ingredients
  • Criteria on hazard statements and chemical hazard class
  • Criteria on VOC content and TVOC emissions
  • Limitation of titanium dioxyde
  • The technical performance and the product efficiency are checked

Inform the consumer

Manufacturers and brand owners of controlled products have to reach a higher level of transparency than those required by the regulation on labelling : exact percentage of natural ingredients, ingredients from natural origin and from organic farming, exhaustive composition of the controlled product. Each ingredient must be clearly identified according to its origin.

Annual or semestrial audit on manufacturers or brand owners sites

Thanks to the audit realized by our auditor on conditioning and manufacturing facilities, Ecocert Greenlife make sure that all standard criterias are respected.

Production processes are as important as product content. Ecocert requires through its standard, an effective quality system, allowing Ecocert to follow the product throughout the production line until the ingredients origin.

Audited company whose products are certified must develop an environmental management system in order to decrease water and energy consumption and improve the discharge and waste management.

Ecocert issues you the logo evidencing the authenticity of the labelling for these products:

Consult the documents dedicated to your activity:

Useful informations:

- Product sheet "Natural paints and coatings".
Control process paints and coatings

Technical documents:

- Standard for Natural origin paints and coatings - Version March 2014


- List of companies comitted with Ecocert Greenlife for controlled paints and coating
- List of non organic approved raw materials for controlled paints and coatings



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