Natural origin and organic Candles and Home fragrances

ECOCERT recommends its "Natural origin and organic Candles and Home fragrances" standard.

Introduced in 2005, the home fragrance standard was created in conjunction with all stakeholders in the value chain, i.e. suppliers, manufacturers, distributors.

It provides recognition of the expertise of environmentally friendly home perfumes manufacturers and leads to a higher level of transparency. The aim is to promote the use of natural origin and/or organic ingredients. The standard also guarantees that producers implement environmentally friendly practices throughout the production line. Since April 2013, ECOCERT proposes a new version of this standard with two levels of control: Natural origin and Organic. Non scneted candles can also be controlled.

1. The basic principles of the ECOCERT standard

  • TO PROTECT our planet and its resources
  • TO INFORM and inform consumers through a transparency obligation

  • TO REDUCE unnecessary waste and discharges

2. Two levels of control

Natural origin Candles and Home fragrances

  • 100% of the ingredients have to be from natural origin
  • No minimum % of organic ingredients is required
  • The organic status of the alcohol contained in the formula is not compulsory

Organic Candles and Home fragrances

  • 100% of the ingredients have to be from natural origin
  • Minimum 10% of ingredients from organic farming
  • Minimum 95% of organic plant ingredients and organic ingredients from plant origin on the total of ingredients validated as plant
  • The organic status of the alcohol contained in the formula is compulsory

3. Inform the consumer

Manufacturers and brand owners of controlled products have to reach a higher level of transparency than those required by the regulations: complete composition (with allergen > 0.01%), identification of the ingredients from Organic farming or made using organic ingredients and their percentages, percentage of the natural origin ingredients, control mention.

ECOCERT provides the control logo:


4. Annual or semestrial audit on manufacturers or brand owners sites.

Thanks to the audit realized by our auditor on conditioning and manufacturing facilities, ECOCERT Greenlife make sure that all standard criterias are respected.

Production processes are as important as product content. ECOCERT requires through its standard an effective quality system, allowing  ECOCERT to follow the product throughout the production line from the ingredients origin. An audited company whose products are controlled must develop an environmental management system in order to decrease water and energy consumption and improve the discharge and waste management.

Application Procedure

> Download the presentation brochure for the Candles and Home Fragrances standard

If you wish to apply for the Ecocert control of your natural origin and Organic Candles / Home Fragrances, please read through the standard and the control process and return the application forms below :

  • Process
  • Application forms for ECOCERT control


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