Manufacturers of cosmetic products

  • Organic raw materials:

To prove the organic quality of your raw materials, your organic ingredients supplier must give you a valid certificate of compliance with the (EC) 834/2007, NOP or JAS regulations. You can also view the database of organic ingredients that are certified according to the Ecocert and COSMOS Cosmetics standards (underway).

  • Non-Organic raw materials:

Ecocert Raw Material Database:

To smooth your certification process, Ecocert invites you to take a look at the list and the database below, listing raw materials checked by Ecocert according to the Ecocert and COSMOS standards.

Questionnaire for raw material checking:

You can also verify raw materials proposed by your suppliers for your specific needs. With the launch of COSMOS, we have implemented an online questionnaire providing better user interface and greater flexibility that your suppliers would like to perform on their questionnaires via the edition mode. You can find otherwise a Guide of the online questionnaire to help you to fill in this questionnaire.

You should send to your suppliers the link of the questionnaire and the filling guide for references that are not in our raw material database.
They should return this completed questionnaire and at least a Technical Data Sheet and a Material Safety Data Sheet.


Consult the documents dedicated to your sector:



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