Laura Montenegro, founder of Argencert, is deceased


It is with a great sadness that we say farewell to Laura Montenegro, founder of ARGENCERT and tireless fighter of the development of the Argentine organic movement. 

She always contributed to it with her actions from the national and international institutions side and with her daily work with organic producers. With her incredible energy, she positioned Argentina as a benchmark in the organic agriculture world.

Laura created ARGENCERT, a model company, recognized throughout the world for its strength and credibility and that she ran until the end of 2016, when she decided to transfer the company to Ecocert Group in order to devote to her new projects in Autralia. 

She was part of NGO Eco Agro and of the team drafting the First Book for Organic Agriculture of ECOAGRO in Argentina and Latin America, “Organic Agriculture”, Edited by PLANETA in 1989.

She has been an important contributor of the writing team and implementation of the Organic Certification and Regulation Norms for Argentina in 1991.

She also participated in the construction of the Argentine Organic Movement (MAPO) and collaborated in GALCI, the IFOAM regional group in Latin America and the Caribbean. She was member of the Nomination Committee for the World Board of IFOAM 2008 and received in 2011 the IFOAM Recognition Award in Korea.

Those of us who had the privilege of working with her would like to transmit our condolences to her loved ones and friends.

A ceremony with family and friends has been held on 2nd of November in Buenos Aires.


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