ISO 26000

The ISO 26000 standard involves organisations' social responsibility

It aims to define and clarify the concept of social responsibility and to make it applicable to any type of organisation (businesses, local government, trade unions, non-profit organisations, etc.). It is based on the organisation's willingness to take responsibility for the impact of its activities and decisions on the environment and society.

The service we provide

To support and guide you through the process, ECOCERT Environment (formerly Ecopass), offers its ISO 26000 assessment service:

  • Analysis and validation of the strategy and implementation of your social responsibility management system.
  • Comparison of this strategy with the areas laid down by ISO 26000.
  • Proposed areas for strategic and operational improvement to develop your plans.

Designed to be progressive, our ISO 26000 assessment includes three levels of analysis:

  • Mapping of the issues and stakeholders.
  • Analysis of the resources for achieving your sustainable development objectives.
  • Overall validation of the sustainable development management system.


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