To ensure the compliance of products eligible for use in organic farming, ECOCERT offers input inspection services

Types of product approved by ECOCERT in accordance with the requirements of European regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and the NOP (National Organic Program) regulations:

  • Supplements and fertilisers (organic, mineral and organo-mineral)
  • Crop-growing media
  • Phyto-sanitary products
  • Cleaning and disinfection products
  • NEW ! Wine organic inputs : Following the publication of the new (EU) Regulation No 203/2012 for organic wine production, ECOCERT has implemented a new input approval program especially for organic wine inputs. This service consists on an input validation under this new EC regulation or under the NOP rules.

For input manufacturers

> The inputs attestation based on ECOCERT standard

The attestation is issued after an inspection conducted on all sites involved in manufacturing the products that are to be approved. It will enable you to meet your needs in terms of quality and traceability for your company and the products inspected. In addition to the documentation review and listing on our website, this service provides you with:

  • A certificate, certifying your products' compliance with the standard
  • The "ECOCERT inputs" inspection logo on all your packaging and business documents

Product labelling wording:

  • "Products eligible for use in organic farming in accordance with regulation (EC) No834/2007 on organic production"

  • "NOP-compliant product"
  • "ECOCERT inspection SA F-32600"
  • "ECOCERT inputs" inspection logo

> The input approval

The ECOCERT Input validation service involves a documentary review, carried out on the product ingredients and based on the documents provided by the operator. This review gives you the advantage of having your products listed and visibility on the ECOCERT Group website, frequently visited by operators engaged in organic farming.

Product labelling wording:

  • "Products eligible for use in organic farming in accordance with regulation (EC) no. 834/2007 on organic production"
  • "NOP-compliant product"

For organic farmers

To help you in selecting inputs to use on your organic production land, ECOCERT makes available to you those inputs we have approved as guaranteed "eligible for use in organic farming."

You can identify these approved products in the following way:

  • Products bearing the "ECOCERT inputs" inspection logo on the packaging and having a compliance certificate issued by ECOCERT

> Consult the list of Inputs reviewed or attested by ECOCERT


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