IFS Food is a private standard primarily intended for suppliers of food products under wholesalers' and retailers' own-brand labels.

The IFS Food standard was published in January 2012 under its version 6 and is applicable as of the 1st of July 2012. This standard  is used to assess the compliance of food processing or packaging businesses and their ability to guarantee the quality and safety of the products they sell. A consolidated version  including all requirements and clarifications provided by IFS since publication of IFS Food 6 was published in April 2014 and is also available free of charge on the IFS website. 


The service we provide

Ecocert provides its entire procedural expertise in conducting test audits, training and certification audits in France and internationally.

Ecocert can offer combined IFS and BRC audits depending on your certification requirements, conducted by a team of experienced auditors qualified in several standards.

The criteria are as follows:

  • Management responsibility (company policy, organisation, customer focus, etc.).
  • Quality management system (HACCP).
  • Resource management (hygiene, training, staff premises, etc.).
  • Manufacturing processes (product specifications, purchasing, packaging, manufacturing environment, pest control plans, traceability, etc.).
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement (internal audits, product testing, management of remedial measures, etc.).
  • Requirements on food defense.


Consult the documents dedicated to your sector:

- Ecocert practical guides

- For more information, please visit the IFS website: www.ifs-certification.com



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