Fair Trade certification program

The following products qualify for certification as per ESR standards

  • organic foodstuff
  • organic or natural cosmetics
  • organic or natural textiles
  • organic or natural  detergents and home perfumes
  • craft supplies

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Ecocert Fair Trade program

This certification program applies to Fair Trade products. The process implies the long-term business commitments of buyers to producers and annual audit of the key operators in the supply chain. The basic principles are:

  • Partnership with producers: to promoting local know-how and more self-sufficient producers and support rural industries
  • Ethics: ensuring decent working conditions, guaranteed minimum prices
  • Responsibility: protecting biodiversity, the environment, and developing organic farming
  • Accountability: enhancing consumer information and awareness on Fair Trade practices

For North-based developed countries (France, Germany, Canada, USA, Japan, etc.), the principles are similar to those underlying traditional fair trade processes, but specific requirements are added:

  • The existing local and support networks are taken into account (Common Agricultural Policy, national and regional Development Programs, etc.); therefore the implementation of a development fund is not required.
  • Geographical proximity between processors and producers is asked, in order to reduce product carbon footprint and promote the relocation of the agricultural operations nearby processing areas.

Fair Trade Service
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