Expertise & Consulting

Expertise for the benefit of man and environment

ECOCERT Expert Consulting is a subsidiary of the ECOCERT Group since 2014.

The ECOCERT engineers and technicians are at your service to assist you in the development of your quality and sustainable development policies.


Impartial and Experienced Experts Group

Polyvalent Field Experts

An International Network


  • ADVISE AND SUPPORT companies, associations, and governments to build their environmental and sustainable development policies.
  • TRAIN technicians from industries, institutions and local authorities in order to implement changes in practices towards a more sustainable ecosystem management .
  • COMMUNICATE AND EDUCATE GENERAL PUBLIC to motivate new practices and encourage a responsible and sustainable economy.
  • INNOVATE AND INVEST IN RESEARCH, participate in the emergence of tomorrow’s technologies and encourage a virtuous growth consistent with the regeneration capacities of our ecosystems. 


A new vision of protection of water catchment areas

Reconcile territorial economic development and protection of water catchment areas.

Often seen as a constraint, water resources protection may yet prove to be a lever of employment generation and local development. ECOCERT Expert Consulting is committed alongside water stakeholders by offering a new approach federating elected officials, consumers, farmers, foresters, industrialists and institutionals.

Protecting water, an opportunity for local economic development: implementation of sustainable economic systems and creating job by:

  • Promoting products to consumers : creation of standards
  • Structuring of new products sectors which respect water resources
  • Securing market opportunities for farmers

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Emilie CHERHAL - ECOCERT Expert Consulting General Manager 
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