Biodiversity Area

Biodiversity Area standard is intended to promote environmentally friendly practices in the management of outdoor spaces.

The biodiversity area standard was developed initially by ECOCERT in 2006 at the request of local authorities, in conjunction with a committee of experts and professionals in outdoor spaces and the environment. This independent committee rules on the standard's content and on the awarding of the certification for each outdoor space candidate.

The service we provide

It includes principles of differentiated management and enables management of outdoor spaces to be incorporated within a sustainable development philosophy.
For those managing outdoor spaces, it is simultaneously:

  • A management tool for environmental management
  • A guide to going further in developing best practices
  • A motivating factor for staff
  • A sign of quality for users

To qualify for the biodiversity area label, management of local biodiversity must meet the following criteria in the first year it is undertaken:

  • No chemicals, i.e. herbicides, phyto-sanitary products, synthetic fertilizers
  • A water conservation policy with knowledge of water consumption volumes and the application of a water-use reduction plan
  • Attention paid to the soil, which is to be regarded as a living environment and not a mere growing medium, with mulching, organic matter supplements and regular monitoring
  • Steps taken to encourage biodiversity and keeping unplanted plants
  • Specific actions for a high level of biodiversity management for ecological areas


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