Environmental labelling

Scoping your action

To clarify mass-market information, France's Grenelle de l'Environnement government-sponsored environmental forum concluded that by the end of 2010 should gradually expand labelling the environmental impact of products. Indicating the amount of carbon generated over the lifecycle of a mass-market product on its labelling is a genuine challenge for retailers.

The second such forum asked ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) to draw up a standard of best practices for such labelling in such a way that all producers undertaking to provide information on the environmental aspects of their products do so on the same basis.

The service we provide

In 2009, Ecocert Environment (formerly Ecopass), an Ecocert subsidiary, developed a "Environmental Labeling Recognition Pattern" (SRAE) which is based on the methodology developed by the various guides, standards and best practices dealing with this topic (ISO 14040, ISO 14025, BPX30-323 – the ADEME best practice guide, PAS 2050, etc.).
Under this plan, recognition of a provider of data for environmental impact labelling is based on:

  • Validation of the method (data acquisition and calculation model).
  • Confirmation that the method is used.

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