The ECOPETCARE Standards have been developed in consultation with industry experts, manufacturers, distributors and consumers. The aim is to develop products manufactured from substances with a natural origin and/or derived from organic farming. It thus gives recognition to the work and commitment of companies offering environmentally friendly care products for animals and enables greater transparency for the consumer.


1. The fundamental principles of the ECOPETCARE Standards:

  • PROTECTION of our planet and its resources
  • INFORMATION of the consumer
  • REDUCTION of polluting discharge and waste


2. One Label: Two grades


  • 95% of the total ingredients must be of a natural origin
  • No minimum organic requirements
  • Biocides of vegetable or mineral origin are allowed


  • The minimum requirements of the ECOPETCARE level must be reached
  • Minimum 10% of the ingredients must be certified according to organic farming




ECOCERT will issue you the logo that testifies to the control of the products.

Manufacturers and distributors of controlled products have a duty of transparency towards the consumer, indicating specifically: the exhaustive composition, the identification of the ingredients coming from organic farming or made using organic ingredients and their percentage, the percentage of ingredients of natural origin, the control statement and the logo.

4. On-site annual audits 

Thanks to the inspection carried out by our auditors on the manufacturing and packaging sites, ECOCERT ensures that all the criteria of the standard are met.

The production operations are as important as the content of the product. Through its Standard, ECOCERT requires an efficient quality system and traceability allowing the product to be monitored throughout the production chain from the supply of its ingredients to its marketing. The company whose products are controlled must have implemented an environmental management system that reduces water and energy consumption and to improve the industrial discharge and waste management.


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