Statement on ISO 16128


For a long time cosmetics consumers have requested more clarity and transparency about the natural and organic claims on the cosmetics they buy. As companies know, these claims help sell more products because people believe those products will be better for them, their families and the environment.

Why is transparency so important? Because of the huge gap between consumers’ expectations and the reality, which this has created a damaging lack of trust – trying to choose a trustworthy cosmetic product is a nightmare for those who aren’t experts.

For this reason, COSMOS and its members, the main associations dedicated natural and organic cosmetics, have worked on and succeeded in harmonizing standards detailing the best accepted definitions, ingredients, processes and criteria, and also what should be excluded.

But suddenly, another initiative (ISO 16128), inspired from and driven by the conventional cosmetic industry, emerged with the main target: ”to encourage a wider choice of natural and organic ingredients … to encourage innovation”. Will this aid transparency for consumers, as well as innovation?

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