In line with its business activities and its convictions, ECOCERT has adopted a rigorous policy towards the environment and is rising to meet the challenge of the fight against climate change, on its own level, in the countries in which it operates.

“The climate is now everyone’s concern as well as the concern of each of us as individuals, because it’s a common good that we must manage collectively. It seems to us that it’s essential to encourage and publicise the drive and innovation of the women and men in the countries in which we operate who are offering relevant solutions to the climate crisis. We must regain the awareness of our duty, as human beings, to collectively seek out a balanced form of development for our societies that’s compatible with a viable planet for future generations.” 

William Vidal, President of ECOCERT

Accordingly, ECOCERT is communicating the urgent need to take action by initiating, co-organising and participating in awareness-raising measures and group discussions intended for economic players and the general public, as part of the climate conference (COP21) held in Paris in December 2015.

  • Inform as many people as possible about the challenges of climate change through panel discussions and debates
  • Sound the alarm about the urgent need to take action, working side by side with experts in the field
  • Share practical solutions through personal stories
  • Commit by signing a citizens’ manifesto
  • Join forces with our stakeholders: corporate clients, institutional partners, associations and the media
  • Discuss possibilities and move the debates forward


- Preparing the COP21 -


  • “The climate is part of our culture” conference in Marciac (32) – 3 August 2015

During the Jazz In Marciac festival, ECOCERT organised a public event attended by local elected officials, representatives from not-for-profit associations, artists and citizens. Serge Planton (Météo France), Alain Canet (Paysages in Marciac) and Alain Castels (the architect for ECOCERT’s eco-friendly, positive-energy headquarters) took the floor to address the challenges of climate change and present possible solutions.

The event’s sponsor, the Cuban jazz artist Roberto Fonseca, spoke on behalf of the artists about the need to make the climate everyone’s concern.

A climate manifesto was signed by those present, then made available to other artists and citizens to make their voices heard by the negotiators at COP21. 


  • “Biodiversity and Climate” conference at the Museum of Mankind in Paris – 20 October 2015

As companies that are deeply involved in the regional ecology in France, ECOCERT and Séché Environnement (waste recovery) joined forces to share their experiences with scientific experts in order to take practical action, on their own level, in the fight against global warming and its disastrous consequences.

With this aim in mind, they organised a COP21-focused panel discussion entitled “Why Protect the Climate if There’s no More Living?". The speakers captivated and convinced an audience of 150 people. A prestigious evening event was held at the Museum of Mankind following the debate. The companies hosting the event wanted to demonstrate their commitment to the environment to their customers and partners: 

> Accordingly, Séché Environnement received a double certification for “Climate Commitment” and “Biodiversity Commitment” by ECOCERT Environnement.

> The two presidents, Joel Séché and William Vidal, wrote and co-signed the “Trocadéro Declaration” which will be submitted to the COP21 negotiators by Bettina Laville, founder of Comité 21. The French actor Jean-François Stévenin gave a reading of the declaration.

> Didier Lockwood, a renowned violinist, was present to represent the artists who signed the Marciac manifesto and to present it to Bettina Laville. He treated the guests to a moving speech and to a violin solo inspired by the urgency of the climate situation.

> See press release


  • 1.2.3. Climate Day in Toulouse – 9 November 2015

In partnership with ToulécoGreen, the Midi-Pyrénées Chamber of Commerce, ARPE (the regional agency for sustainable development), Toulouse Métropole (the regional authority for greater Toulouse) and the Toulouse Business School, ECOCERT took part in organising the 1.2.3. Climate event on the theme of “It’s Time for Solutions”. 

Roundtable discussions, stands sponsored by companies committed to this issue, pitches from startup companies, workshops on sustainable local initiatives, and more were interspersed throughout the day, attended by public and private stakeholders such as Jean-Luc Moudenc, the mayor of Toulouse. William Vidal, President of ECOCERT, participated in the morning roundtable discussion about solutions for the region.

ECOCERT is also a partner in the Cafés Green (Green Cafés - eco-oriented morning discussions and presentations) organised by Touléco. The event held on 9 November brought together approximately one hundred people to discuss the topic: “Shaping the future: Toulouse in 2050”, a speculative look at the future of the region. “What types of energy, what sources of water and power, and what kind of city will we have in 2050?” Experts and startups shared their experience and opinions.


  • Eco-Ambassadors of Gers (32) – September / October 2015

ECOCERT supported the Gers regional council in a project to raise the awareness of the young people in the region about the issues being addressed by COP21.

William Vidal introduced the subject to a group of fifty selected schoolchildren at the regional youth council (CDJ32) on 16 September. The children were very curious about the issue and the liveliness of the discussion was seen as a very encouraging sign with respect to the commitment of future generations to the preservation of our planet. 

Accompanied by Philippe Martin, President of CD32, and Xavier Hatchondo, climate scientist at ECOCERT, 15 of these ambassadors had the privilege of travelling to Svalbard to learn about and observe the impact of climate change on glacier melting. This trip, an official COP21 event, is also a project that’s close to the heart of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation. On their return from Norway, the young eco-ambassadors were received by the French National Assembly and by President François Hollande.

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CARBON FOOTPRINT: As part of its environmental policy, ECOCERT is committed to monitoring its carbon footprint and offsetting the carbon emissions of events in which it is a partner.


- During COP21: 30 November-11 December 2015 -


  • COP21 Solutions at the Grand Palais in Paris – 9 December 2015 at 11am

ECOCERT will present its E+ Green Headquarters at the COP21 Solutions public exhibition in the “Information Corner” in the nave of the Grand Palais.

Meet us on Wednesday 9 December at 11

See program on SolutionsCOP21 website


  • Place to B – A creative venue for looking at COP21 from another perspective

In parallel with the official COP21 negotiations, Place to B is a public place that brings together all of the citizens, artists and professionals who want to take part in this effort and to construct a narrative that’s accessible to everyone about the challenges of climate change.

Naturally, ECOCERT is at the heart of this effort and has commissioned its specialists in sustainable development, climate and communication to bring their expertise to this co-creation dynamic. In addition, ECOCERT Environment will be responsible for performing the carbon footprint audit of Place to B Paris.

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RAISING EMPLOYEE AWARENESS: ECOCERT is committed to ensuring that its employees are informed about and aware of the climate challenge by offering presentations and events led by experts at its company headquarters and by making the content of external events available to its employees.

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