Chemical inputs validation


Ecocert Greenlife is now accredited for the evaluation and issuance of positive lists of chemical inputs according GOTS (version 4) for use in the production of certified GOTS.

The compliance criteria for a raw material are set out in the GOTS standard.

The specifications' requirements focus particularly on:

  • Total prohibition of aromatic solvents, GMOs, fungicides and biocides, halogenated solvents, heavy  metals (non exhaustive list) 
  • Requirements related to hazards and toxicity: (risk phrases, aquatic toxicity, biodegradation…)

The chemical inputs receive approval letter for their of compliance to one of the standard declared above and are also published on the Ecocert Greenlife database which access is reserved to the companies undertaking certification. This will help to promote easily to your customers the compliance of your textile inputs with the GOTS requirements.

The documents are available on simple demand.


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