Biodiversity Commitment

The certification that supports the biodiversity management system of companies and territories

An ecological urgency and an economic opportunity

Considering the increasing damage inflicted on biodiversity, it is urgent to protect natural resources and the quality of global and local ecosystems on which many populations as well as economic sectors depend.

In fact, the harmony between organisations and their ecosystems guarantees their subsistence and long-term performance. With these facts in mind, Ecocert group has created the universal certification “Biodiversity Commitment”.

Advantages of the certification?

The certification provides:

  • A methodology to structure and incorporate the biodiversity issue at the heart of the organization’s strategy and business model
  • A quality sign and a distinguishing communication tool
  • An effective solution in response to legal requirements, norms (ISO 14001, ISO 26000) and client expectations
  • A business opportunity to attract new clients
  • A motivating factor for the company’s staff in regard to continuous improvement

Characteristics of the certification?

  • It is universal and not only sectorial
  • It takes into consideration local and global biodiversity throughout the supply chain 
  • It increases awareness of dependence on biodiversity
  • It involves the stakeholders
  • It structures the biodiversity footprint measurement
  • It aims to prevent and relieve pressure on biodiversity 
  • It drives towards continuous improvement in management and conservation of biodiversity

The certification process

  • AUTOEVALUATION in regard to the standard’s requirements
  • AUDIT on site to verify if the company complies with the standard
  • AWARDING of certification after resolving any possible non-conformities

The standard’s requirements

  • ASSESS the organisation’s dependence on biodiversity
  • MEASURE first the initial biodiversity impact footprint and then progressively throughout the supply chain
  • EXCHANGE and involve stakeholders
  • INSTALL an action plan to mitigate the organisation’s pressures on ecosystems, then implement actions to favor biodiversity: insetting, philanthropy...
  • DEVELOP a program for continuous improvement of the company’s biodiversity performance

The certification is obtained for three years with annual follow-up audits to maintain the requirement level and the respect of the commitment.

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