Professional Training

ECOCERT is a professional accredited training center since 1993

ECOCERT provides training for professionals, institutions, individuals and students.

A pragmatic and operational approach

ECOCERT has among its technicians and engineers specialists in the following areas:

  • Organic agriculture
  • Quality and safety of food
  • Socio-environmental management systems
  • Cosmetics and eco products

These experts are part of our internal network of trainers. Moreover, they are inspectors directly linked to operational concerns of economic players. ECOCERT proposes trainings which method is based on a pragmatic operational approach. 

Watch our e-learning teaser video:

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Our training solutions

  • INTER ORGANISATION: ECOCERT regularly offers training sessions to companies.
  • INTRA ORGANISATION / CUSTOMIZED: We assist you on innovative and specific training projects linked to our areas of expertise. ECOCERT provides you with a method of educational engineering assuring the adequacy between your precise needs and our expertise.
  • E-LEARNING: ECOCERT has a distance learning platform available to its clients. 
  • MIXED SOLUTIONS: The combined use of e-learning and face-to-face learning or webinar is the most efficient solution from an educational point of view. The trainee alternates between e-learning sessions and face-to-face sessions with the trainer.